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Unspoilt nature on the Ljubljana’s threshold!

Our vision – to become the best organic estate in Europe.

Trnulja among Top 10 in EU

10 of the best cooking classes with stays in Europe – The Guardian

Comfort in the embrace of nature and wood

Apartments from natural materials

Excellent organic cuisine

The essence of our delicious organic culinary tales are the home-grown and home-processed ingredients

Beautiful Ljubljana and Ljubljanica River

Only a step away …

Many options for activities

For couples, families, seniors, friends… There is plenty of choice for everyone!

Great vacation awaits you!

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Every individual embraces life within the sphere of his own experiences. The beauty this statement conveys is – no two people have the same outlook on life. Ours is firmly connected with Nature. Each and every day She fascinates us with her life powers which teach us balance, patience, perseverance, and sensuality. On Trnulja Estate we have been working hand in hand with Nature for nearly two decades, yet sometimes we feel that we are still getting to know each other.

What we so absolutely admire in Nature is that She knows no central or side content. In fact, her glory faces are not silent, they address us with colors, shapes, fragrances, hands, voices, even moods. They address us with their whole beings.

When we started on our path of discoveries, we were not sure where they will lead us. Today, we are convinced that it is a great privilege to write a diary in synchrony with Nature.


Trnulja’s estate is like a green cell, where all our actions are regulated by the harmony between man and nature. We have built our premises with degradable natural materials and in accordance with the principles of ecologically sustainable construction. The logs which embellish the exteriors of the buildings are of solid Slovenian spruce. Their silky shine gently invites the guest to embrace life with full lungs and reconnect with nature. The walls are wooden skeletal structures, filled with healthy hemp insulation and hand-clogged with clay. The trees that we have cut down on our estate have found a new life in our furniture. When growing each tree creates its unique patterns, which we have respected when designing interior furnishings. The wood remains alive and vibrant and our furniture is not designed in strait lines. They follow the growth and the will of the wood. We are especially proud of our floor tiles, which are made of recycled brick walls of the original house on the property. You can find another piece of our estate’s history in our handmade clay basins, as they stand on recycled old marsh pilots. Your relaxing sleep is assured by mattresses and pillows filled with hemp fibres. Bed linen and towels are also made of hemp fiber – pleasing to the touch, light and airy.

Sojourn in our apartments thus invigorates and stimulates finding a harmonious balance between work and relaxation.

Culinary Art

»All you eat is … love«  (Rudolph van Veen); From the book of impressions, when visiting the Trnulja Estate in June 2013

Simple things are those that give life its timbre. To relax the eye on the mist above the Ljubljanica River, on its banks, on the dark red carpet of the marshy drooping tulips or the gentle fly of the butterflies; an unforgettable experience. And it is therefore surely an unforgettable experience to enjoy the culinary delights at the Trnulja Estate, where a large dining room, with a fireplace with its scented wood, creates a pleasant ambience for the unuque experience.

Healthy meals that have a beneficial effect on the well being are prepared exclusively from domestic organic products and inspired by the old Slovenian cooking recipes.  The secret of tasting a meal is always in the details, in the ingredients, in their symbiosis, so all our senses may delight in the newly discovered dimensions of absolute pampering

The delicious meals onTrnulja are creations to which Urša, your host, and her culinary masters add their creativity and love.

Our Products

The more the earth is alive, the more it gives us. Our farming is entirely ecological, we have a deep respect for the natural systems and cycles. Our main orientation is the cultivation and production of oil and cereals.

Everything we do counts, therefore, our property agricultural products are carefully processed into organic oils, plain and whole grain flour, spreads and desserts. The products from the Trnulja Estate property carry in themselves a special and unique record of our golden sun, of our marshy lands and of the sensuous care they are tended with.

The Trnulja Estate has obtained the BIODAR brand certificate. BIODAR is the guarantee certificate for Slovenian food products from controlled organic production.

Organic – The Essence of Trnulja Estate

The expression of the deepest human desire for peace, truth and connection with nature is the essence of the Trnulja Estate. Our tourist facilities are built according to the principles of ecologically sustainable construction and the materials used are from the natural cycle. Even more! Interior fittings and all accessories of the premises are also made of natural materials. Ecological products from the property are a perfect reflection of the mutual understanding of man and nature. Delicious meals, healthy and beneficial to our well-being, are all prepared from organic ingredients only.

The Trnulja Estate is not a typical, ordinary tourist farm. It is the first tourist farm in Slovenia that is incorporated in the largest European chain of ecological hotels – “Die Bio Hotels”. Trnulja is a country estate with a mission. A mission to share with its visitors the respect of the way of life in which Nature is a valuable resource and a true companion.


Trnulja restaurant is open on Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit www.trnulja.si or call us at  +386 41 610 522!

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The 46.00 parallel runs directly through the estate

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for groups by prior arrangement.

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