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Trnulja’s organic restaurant is also opened in the middle of the week for business groups and private groups with minimum 15 adults.
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First green estate in SLOVENIA
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Trnulja Country Estate

When we bought Trnulja in 2002, the estate was like a hauted beauty enveloped by a curtain of black thorns. Abandoned and overgrown, but with the prospect of hiding what we really wanted. She seemed to forcefully address us to be rescued from the embrace of her veil of thorns. With patience and great good will we freed her from the stubborn embrace of the wilderness. Nature itself offered us the name for our new home – Trnulja or “sloe berry”, which is the name of the fruit of the blackthorn shrub, which for years guarded our home for us.

The Trnulja Estate today shows the sun a completely different face. Our organic farm is directed to the production of different kinds of grains and their processing into organic oils, spreads, plain and wholemeal flour. We would like to share our allegiance to happiness and health with you, as well as to an ecologically oriented tourist farm with apartments for guests and a sales area with organic food from our own estate and surrounding farms.

Our Mission

We want to share the respect for a way of life where Nature is a valuable resource and a true companion with our visitors.

Our Vision

We want to become the most recognizable sustainable country estate in Europe.

Urša and Miha – Your Hosts

Living in harmony with nature is a great incentive for us. We experience Nature wholly, with understanding, acceptance and gratitude. She gives us back a plentiful.

Urša: I have a Masters Degree in Economic Science. Both in tourism and agriculture I have many years of practical experience which through time, I have been complementing with the necessary theoretical knowledge.
special happiness are horses and transforming the fruits of nature into fragrant and delicious dishes. Nature is the most perfect work of art; so it is probably not unusual I like art, especially music.

Miha: I am a graduated engineer of Traffic Technology and an active member of the Association of Associates of Organic Farmers of Central Slovenia. I gained my knowledge of the ecological farming methods through my own long-term work on the farm, through seminars, fairs, acquaintances and a continuous professional training. And I love playing the contrabass.


The ecological Trnulja Estate is situated on the threshold of Ljubljana, in Črna vas (Black Village) on the Ljubljana Marshes, which inspires all with its stunning vegetal, animal and landscape characteristics.

Natura 2000

The Trnulja Estate is located in the “Natura 2000” area. This is an European network for specially protected areas with the aim of preserving the biodiversity for future generations – preserving animal and plant species and habitats that are rare or threatened in Europe. The European Union has introduced the “Natura 2000” network as one of the important acts for the implementation of the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive. The interweaving of different living environments provide a living space for many plants, animals, insects and birds, which we rarely meet elsewhere in Slovenia and Europe. We are particularly proud of the large corn crake birds population, which is a threatened species even on a global scale.

Črna vas or “Black Village”

Črna vas was given its name from the houses insulated with the black soil of the marshes and is located 7 km to the south from Ljubljana city centre. Historical sources testify that the territory of today’s Črna vas was inhabited nearly two hundred years ago, around the year 1825, when the Marshes were mostly drained and by roads connected with the “urban world”. Poor settlers came mostly from the areas surrounding Ljubljana. They were given a patch of land on which they built a wooden house. They earned their everyday living by cutting and selling peat, they cultivated their lands of meadows, gardens and fields. To help them the Ljubljana Marshes Agricultural Society was established in 1900. In later years, a tree nursery opened in the village.
However, this peaceful and with everyday work filled existence, was often threatened by annual floods. That is why the locals often sought employment in Ljubljana. Agriculture regained its new momentum after the WWI. An important factor in the general, cultural and economic developmet for the residents of the Marshes and the people of Črna vas, was the establishing of the Marshes School, which was built in 1895. School was not attended by children alone. On Sundays, the school opened its doors to adults who were learning about new measures and weights. Lectures on women’s handicrafts were also held in the school. Also a library found its place on the premisses and in 1935 a modest chapel. The villagers of Črna vas got their true spiritual center when the St. Michael’s church was built. The church is the result of ideas and the creativity of the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik (for more see: http://www.crnavas.si/zgodovina).

Why Are We Different and Better?

Trnulja Estate represents the way we live, reflects our coexistence with nature which we respect very much. It is a reflection of our life philosophy, that we would be delighted to share with you.


Trnulja restaurant is open on Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit www.trnulja.si or call us at  +386 41 610 522!




N 46° 00′ 00″, E 14° 28′ 41″

The 46.00 parallel runs directly through the estate

Črna vas 265
1000 Ljubljana

m +386 41 610 522 (booking)
m +386 41 622 062 (products)
t +386 1 4271 903
e info@trnulja.com


for groups by prior arrangement.

12.00 – 18.00
(ecological lunches – booking obligatory, sales of our own products)

For groups 15 persons or more, please book in advance, call + 386 41 610 522!


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