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Trnulja’s organic restaurant is opened every Saturday and Sunday between 12AM and 6PM. Prior booking is required.
Trnulja’s organic restaurant is also opened in the middle of the week for business groups and private groups with minimum 15 adults.
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First green estate in SLOVENIA
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Trnulja Experiences

At Trnulja Estate we are conscious of man’s awareness of returning to Nature, of his outdoor activities and relaxation in the green environment of our organic estate. With every passing season, more and more people want to feel the beauty and peace of being one with nature. It is in Nature that we can find the magic that will arouse sparks of emotions, thoughts and impressions – we do not know exactly how – but we do feel that when Nature speaks to us we are on our way to reach fulfillment of body and soul.

At the Estate

We will gladly take you to our guided tour of Trnulja Ecological Estate and will show you all the interesting things about the cultivation of our crops of grains and oil plants and their ecological processing. Guests of our property can see the herbal garden and get acquainted with the older varieties of plants, medicinal herbs, spices and their method of organic cultivation and use.

We have also arranged three guided tour programs for groups: a basic tour of our organic farm, cold oil pressing demonstration with degustation platter and combination of both. Of course, we are open to your suggestions, adjustments or changes to the programs.

On the estate you’ll get acquainted with the cold pressing of oil which gives the oil a high quality and preserves its natural composition. At the end of the tour you’ll have the opportunity to taste the oil together with some tasty bread prepared from various types of home-made organic flour. Is soybean oil brighter than pumpkin seed oil or rapeseed oil? You will be able to judge it yourself… This experience is intended for larger groups.



In order to truly experience the Ljubljana Marshes, we suggest you take a few hours or a half day guided tour of the marshes and its surroundings. The tour is organized for groups. Excursions on water are managed in cooperation with a local guide though we – Urša and Miha – also know many beautiful surrounding areas and are always pleased to keep you company on your wanderings. When we take a walking tour a perfect opportunity presents itself to take the earth in the palm of your hand, to feel the morning dew, to lean against an alder trunk, to walk the ground with bare feet – the ground that hides as much as it reveals.

The network of the marshes pathways and trails promise you an opportunity to enjoy the charm of this landscape in a slightly different way – from the comfort of our spacious carriage, which can accommodate up to ten people at the same time. An electric POLARIS car takes the carriage aroung the proprety and along the plains. The carriage ride takes about 60 minutes. In advance and individually you can arrange for a longer ride with different objectives and for an individual price.

We absolutely promote the ecologically-oriented mobility, as this is an important choice that helps preserve Nature.  You can rent electric bikes on the Trnulja Estate.  We provide an appropriate map of cycling routes in order to avoid any inconvenience due to orientation.

On Ljubljanica River

The Ljubljana Marshes would not be the same without the Ljubljanica River – the river of seven names. A tireless watercourse, which in itself was also an important navigable route in older times. Each river has more than one character. Ljubljanica has many. She is magnanimous to the fishermen, she offers a safe home to many kinds of animals and vegetation. She seems indispensable to us who live here. Which one of her many features will she show to you, our guest? That you can discover by yourself when making a stop on her banks or walking along them, when in a canoe, on the paddle board or aboard a tourist boat.
The boat ride along the Ljubljanica River is organized by the Estate. You board the boat 400 meters from our property where a port is specially arranged for this purpose. Floating with the lazy stream of the Ljubljanica River you will slowly arrive into the urban environment of the vibrant old city center of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and the green capital of Europe in 2016.
At the estate our guests can rent a canoe for sailing along the Ljubljanica. With some knowledge in canoeing you can take away a completely new and varied experience that will bring you closer to the hidden corners of the river.

Ecological Wellness and Fitness


“A healthy mind in a healthy body is a short but comprehensive description of a person who is happy in this world.” (John Locke).

In our ecological wellness at Trnulja Estate we offer you pampering, relaxation, well-being and small joys.
A visit to the Finnish sauna operating with burning wood, comfortably relaxes your muscles and completely cleans your body. A bath with water enriched with organic herbs and fragrances positively affects your mood and emotions and creates an inner balance in your body. You might want to have a whole body massage that will free up the flow of your vital energy.

Pamper yourself amidts nature, listen to bird singing while sunbathing. We perform a massage of hands, legs, shoulders and head, all with entirely natural ecological cosmetics.

We also have fitness facilities at Trnulja Country Estate. We can organize an individual training program for you, which you will perform on our premises and under the guidance of a personal trainer.

Wellness and fitness programs are available to the apartment guests.

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Why Are We Different and Better?

Trnulja Country Estate represets our way of life. It reflects our coexistence with nature, which we respect in its every aspect. It is an expression of our life philosophy, which we will be delighted to share with you.






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The 46.00 parallel runs directly through the estate

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FRIDAY, SATURDAY: 12.00-20.00
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