The privacy and personal data protection policy applies to all visitors to the website

This policy applies to the user when he first visits the site and on all subsequent visits. By using the website and confirming the cookie notice and privacy policy, the user confirms that he accepts and agrees with all the provisions of this policy.

This policy may be changed or amended at any time without warning or notice. By using the website and confirming the notification of changes to this policy, the user confirms that he agrees with the changes.

The provider politely asks users who do not agree with this policy or its changes or additions to either reject the cookie notification or leave the website and not use it in the future.

1. Information collected about users

As part of website visit statistics, the provider collects the IP addresses of the networks from which users accessed the website, but it is not possible to identify users.

The provider uses cookies on the website to recognize users, but it is not possible to identify users in this way.

2. Data processing

The provider will use the collected user data exclusively for the following purposes:

enabling registration on the website and granting certain rights and enabling access to certain parts of the website to registered users / customers;
statistical and marketing analysis and research related to website visitors; the provider may send analyzes and research to advertisers, but may not disclose any information relating to a specific user;

The owner of the website undertakes not to forward the obtained data to third parties (with the exception of the data transmitted via the cookies below).

3. Data protection and retention period

The provider protects all user data in accordance with this policy. The provider regularly backs up data, and the connection between visitors and the website is encrypted using an SSL certificate.

The user is aware and agrees that the provider can keep the data as long as it is absolutely necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data was collected, after which it must permanently delete it.

4. Use of cookies

– What are cookies?

They are text files that allow you to keep the settings you have already used when you visit the website again (eg one-time login without re-entering the username and password). Most websites use cookies. With this, the site offers a better user experience, and with the help of the obtained statistical data, we offer better and more relevant content.

For greater transparency of the use of cookies that you confirm, we have written them in a table, added a clear purpose and duration. In doing so, we take into account the law and regulations, especially the Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette No. 109/2012; hereinafter ZEKom-1).

– What are essential cookies?

These are the cookies that must be downloaded in order for the site to function properly and for the user to have the best possible user experience. The first are cookies that enable the correct functionality and operation of the site (e.g. PHPSESSID). They make it possible to ensure safety and efficiency. Others are cookies (e.g. wordpress_HASH) that provide a service explicitly requested by users, i.e. login and registration.

PHPSESSID The cookie enables the saving of sessions between individual requests within the content management system. Session
wordpress_HASH The cookie contains user authentication data and is used in the administrative interface within the content management system. Session
wordpress_logged_in_HASH The cookie contains user authentication data and is used in the administrative interface within the content management system. Session
WordPress_cookie The cookie is used to check whether the browser can accept cookies or not. Session


– Cookies for which we need your express permission

These are the ones that help us keep the site up to date, offer relevant and useful information, and enable you to use our website in connection with social networks. The first are cookies related to monitoring statistics. The statistics we obtain are not tied to the IP of the computer and are collected anonymously. With it, we can improve the content on the website and obtain statistical information that allows us to adapt the website to your needs. We only use the statistics for our own purposes. Other cookies are related to advertising. We collect these for our own statistics and for third parties. Third party cookies are cookies linked to social network plugins, e.g. Facebook Like window.

  Cookie name Description Duration Cookie installment
Cookies for website traffic analysis (Google Analytics) utma Statistika ogledov spletne strani. Podatke, ki jih pridobimo, Google ne uporablja za svoje namene. 2 years If you do not want Google to collect your website browsing data, refuse the cookie consent or install a cookie blocking tools. All cookies are owned by Google.
utmb 30 minutes
utmc Session
utmz 6 months
Cookies linked to social network plugins when these are used as tracking cookies fbm Cookies for Facebook services 2 years If you do not want Facebook to collect your cookies, visit our website without being logged in to Facebook / Instagram or refuse the cookie consent. All cookies are owned by Meta.
fbsr 5 days


5. User rights

Despite the fact that it is not possible to identify an individual user through the data we collect on the website, the user can request from the provider by sending a request to our e-mail address:

– that the provider confirms to him whether it collects or processes data relating to the user, and which data it collects and processes,

– that the provider completes and corrects the data relating to him,

– that the provider sends an electronic copy of the data relating to the user,

– that the provider permanently deletes all data relating to the user.

We will clearly inform you of any change regarding the collection of personal data.

6. Recommendations for protecting privacy

We recommend that you take care of protecting your privacy and personal data yourself. Each individual is agreed to take care of:
– the security of the username and password, which he should keep properly and disclose only to those persons whom he completely trusts,
– the security of your email address,
– and appropriate software (antivirus) protection for your computer or other devices for accessing various contents.

7. Final Provision

The invalidity of any provision of this policy, regardless of the reason for the invalidity, shall not invalidate this policy as a whole. In such event, the invalid provision shall be deemed unwritten and this Policy shall continue in effect without such provision.

8. Contact

You can find our contact information at the bottom of our website.

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