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Trnulja’s Ecological Culinary Art

»»All you eat is … love«

(Rudolph van Veen); (Rudolph van Veen); From the book of impressions, when visiting the Trnulja Estate in June 2013

Simple things are those that give life its timbre. To relax the eye on the mist above the Ljubljanica River, on its banks, on the dark red carpet of the marshy drooping tulips or the gentle fly of the butterflies; an unforgettable experience. And it is therefore surely an unforgettable experience to enjoy the culinary delights at the Trnulja Estate, where a large dining room, with a fireplace with its scented wood creates a pleasant ambience for this unuque experience.

Healthy meals that have a beneficial effect on the well being are prepared exclusively from domestic organic products and inspired by the old Slovenian cooking recipes. The secret of tasting a meal is always in the details, in the ingredients, in their symbiosis, so all our senses may delight in the newly discovered dimensions of absolute pampering. The delicious meals on Trnulja are creations that Urša, your hosts and the chef mix with creativity and love.

From the Field to the Table

Our suppliers are wonderful people who faithfully and decisively swear on nature-friendly farming.

Our kitchen is something special, not in the least because of the talking that can be heard coming from it. Each time it is the chief cook who, with a sincere encouragement starts the conversation. It is followed by a gentle simmering that transforms itself into a loud bubbling or calm sizzling… all so specially precious, all elements in harmony; a respectful answer to the artist with a cooking spoon.

More than 50% of the ingredients we produce ourselves, the rest is bought. All must have an ecological certificate, including the beverages. Our suppliers are wonderful people who faithfully and decisively swear on nature-friendly farming. Together with them we have completed a green circle, which not only provides for a highly controlled ecological routes, but it also transmits our heartbeat and powerful energy.
The restaurant at the Trnulja Estate is not traditional one. We are participants of the “Tastes of Ljubljana” project and serve dishes specific to this area but they are prepared in modern ways of ecological ingredients of local origin. Ljubljana’s cuisine is characterized by its diversity of ingredients. The menu is kept up-to-date. Our colourful plates with variations of served dishes are a persuasive description of the seasons. We are also known for a varied choice of vegetarian dishes.

Trnulja Restaurant

At the Trnulja Organic Estate, you can relax in a pleasant homely ambience with a fireplace, while at the same time re-discover home-made local dishes.

We are happy to cook for you on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 till 18.00. Please note that reservations are mandatory. You can view the current menu here.

Groups are welcome from Monday to Sunday by prior arrangement (with a minimum number of 20 adult guests and a maximum number 60 persons).
We will be happy to meet all of your wishes and needs and will do our best for your pleasure, creating for you an experience that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Culinary e-news

Trust us your email address and get bids & current menus.


– a surprise to start
– cold cuts with homemade chutney
– chicken soup with frittates
– Pasta with bacon and Tolmin’s cheese
– Chicken fillet in curry-carrot sauce and side dish
– mixed salad
– dessert from daily selection

Price: 49.00 EUR

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

– a surprise to start
– beetroot carpaccio with vinagrette and roasted almonds
– vegetable cream soup
– leek muffin with chestnut cream, corn chips and salted caramel sauce
– Spinach gnocchi with sauteed mushrooms and onion jam
– mixed salad
– dessert from daily selection

Price: 47.00 EUR

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

– a surprise to start
– fish spread with herb butter and home made bread
– fish soup with poached fish file
– Shrimps in saffron sauce with mashed potatoes and parmesan lace
– grilled trout with polenta with tarragon and sauce
– mixed salad
– dessert from daily selection

Price: 51.00 EUR

Organic Cooking Workshops


“Today’s pace of life does not give us the opportunity nor the time to prepare healthy home-made food.”
An excuse you have probably heard innumerable times. Have you ever thought about the possibility that sometimes only cooking fantasy and skills are lacking in preparing home-made, healthy and at the same time quick culinary meal?

Courses and workshops in preparing healthy home-made food take place at Trnulja Estate. Together with Urša, your host, you will recapture and test forgotten recipes. You will learn how to prepare fast but healthy meals. Also, we will not forget the baking of home-made pastry.

We will create delicious organic oer-d’oeuvres, main dishes and desserts. All certified organic ingredients will be provided by the Trnulja Estate. We will create interesting table settings, learn how to correctly serve the dishes, suggest and teach you which wine tastes best with a particular meal. Finally, we will taste the prepared dishes.

Workshops are conducted in the afternoons and last from 4 up to 5 hours. Up to eight persons can participate at the same time.

You are kindly invited to join our culinary brigade!

Why Are We Different and Better?

Trnulja Estate represents the way we live, reflects our coexistence with nature which we respect very much. It is a reflection of our life philosophy, that we would be delighted to share with you.


Trnulja restaurant is open on Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit www.trnulja.si or call us at  +386 41 610 522!




N 46° 00′ 00″, E 14° 28′ 41″

The 46.00 parallel runs directly through the estate

Črna vas 265
1000 Ljubljana

m +386 41 610 522 (booking)
m +386 41 622 062 (products)
t +386 1 4271 903
e info@trnulja.com


for groups by prior arrangement.

12.00 – 18.00
(ecological lunches – booking obligatory, sales of our own products)

For groups 15 persons or more, please book in advance, call + 386 41 610 522!


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