Spoštovani gostje!
Vse kaže, da bomo kmalu v zeleni fazi in bodo ukrepi še nekoliko bolj sproščeni. Takrat bo tudi Trnulja odprla svoja vrata, zaenkrat pa sprejemamo samo poslovne skupine. O ponovnem odprtju vas bomo obvestili na naši spletni strani in na FB. Apartmaji so že odprti, sprejemamo tudi turistične bone. Veselimo se ponovnega srečanja z vami!

Posestvo Trnulja


Liebe Gäste!
Wir hoffen, dass Slowenien bald die “grüne Phase” erreicht und die Massnahmen zusätzlich gelockert werden. Sobald es so weit ist, wird Trnulja wieder geöffnet werden. Zur Zeit empfangen wir nur Firmengruppen. Über Wiedereröffnung werden wir Sie auf unserer Webseite und auf FB informieren. Die Appartments sind schon buchbar. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen mit Ihnen!

Anwesen Trnulja


Dear Guests!
it seems that Slovenia will soon reach the “green phase” and the measures will be released. At that point, Trnulja will reopen the organic restaurant, at the time being we are opened for business guests only. We will inform you about the reopening on our Webpage and on FB. The appartments are already opened. We are looking forward to welcoming you again!

Trnulja country estate

First green estate in SLOVENIA
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Culinary delights

Cold cuts for two persons22,00 EUR
Soup5,00 EUR
Main dish with a side dish15,00 – 23,00 EUR
Vegetarian main dish9,00 – 15,00 EUR
Salad4,50 EUR
Dessert5,50 – 12,00 EUR
Aperitif0,03l2,20 – 6,90 EUR
Hemp beer0,5l3,80 EUR
Juice0,1l1,20 EUR
Espresso1,60 EUR
Cappuccino1,90 EUR
Tea1,80 EUR
Open wine Malvazija or Refošk (Plahuta)0,1l1,70 EUR
Open wine Malvazija or Refošk (Plahuta)1l13,00 EUR
Bottle of High Quality Wine0,75l16,00 – 39,00 EUR

Products price list

Cold pressed Hemp 100ml5,00 EUR
Hemp oil  250ml10,00 EUR
Hemp oil  500ml20,00 EUR
Rapeseed oil 250ml4,00 EUR
Rapeseed oil 500ml7,00 EUR
Walnut oil  100ml9,00 EUR
Walnut oil 250ml15,00 EUR
Almond oil100ml9,00 EUR
Almond oil250ml15,00 EUR
Corn flour 500g2,00 EUR
Corn flour 1kg3,50 EUR
Hemp flour 500g4,50 EUR
Soya flour 500g3,00 EUR
Corn meal500g2,00 EUR
Corn meal1kg3,50 EUR
Corn pudding400g4,00 EUR
Hemp dry pie500g2,50 EUR
Soya dry pie500g3,00 EUR
Hemp spread125g4,00 EUR
Walnut spread125g4,00 EUR
Almond spread125g4,00 EUR
Hemp biscuits150g5,00 EUR
Walnut biscuits150g5,00 EUR
Almond biscuits150g5,00 EUR
Corn biscuts150g5,00 EUR
Hem biscuits in a glass jar150g7,50 EUR
Walnut biscuits in a glass jar150g7,50 EUR
Ground defatted walnuts500g8,00 EUR
Smoked goat sausage1 pair7,00 EUR
Cherry beans1 kg9,00 EUR
Soya1 kg3,50 EUR


Studio89,00 EUR
Apartment 1st floor 125,00 EUR
Apartment groundfloor145,00 EUR
Short-term stay (1 night)price of chosen apartment +10 %
High Season (15.7. 31.8.)price of chosen apartment +10 %
Easter Holidays Weekprice of chosen apartment +10 %
New Year Holidays (25.12. – 3.1.)price of chosen apartment +10 %
Additional Person/Night20,00 EUR
Baby cot / Day 20,00 EUR
Child up to 2 years in bed with parents10,00 EUR/Day
Breakfast in Suite (continental)12,00 EUR/Person/Day
Breakfast in restaurant (gourmet delights)25,00 EUR/Person/Day
Dog Stay /Dog max. 15 kg/Day15,00 EUR
Loss or Deliberate Damage to towel (1 piece.)20,00 EUR
Damage to the equipment of the apartment depending on the damage and/or the purchase price (unique handmade or store purchase availability)
Late Departure:Till 12 A.M – 10,00 EUR
 From 12 AM Till 15 PM – 20,00 EUR
Daily Cleaning 20,00 EUR/cleaning
Daily Change of Towels 2,00 EUR/towel
Bedding Change    10,00 EUR/bed
Washing / drying of laundry (max. 6kg)10,00 EUR/washing machine use

Other Offers

Guided tour of the estate,
min.no. 20 opersons
16,00 EUR/person
Presentation of cold oil pressing and tasting platter,
min.no. 20 opersons
20,00 EUR/person
Guided farm tour, presentation of cold oil pressing with tasting platter,
min.no. 20 opersons
25,00 EUR/person
Bike rent 
Up to 3 hours 5,00 EUR
More than 3 hours10,00 EUR
Electric Bike Rent 
Up to 5 hours15,00 EUR
Up to 12 hours25,00 EUR
Every additional hour+5,00 EUR
Electrik Vehicle Rent (Renault Twity) 
1 hour19,00 EUR
Up to 3 hours38,00 EUR
Up to 6 hours50,00 EUR
Every additional hour8,00 EUR
Massage (50 minutes)50,00 – 80,00 EUR/person
Sauna (120 minutes)40,00 EUR/person
Fitness with a personal trainer (60 minutes)40,00 EUR/person
Ride with an electric carrige (up to 10 persons, approx. 60 minutes drive)60,00/ride
Boat ride and lunch (4-5 hours)40,00 EUR/person
Ride with boat, electric carrige and organic lunch (4-5 hours)
     Adults 48,00 EUR/person
     Children from 4 -11,99 years32,00 EUR/person
     Children up to 3,99 years oldgratis (no lunch)
Paddle Boarding (SUP) and lunch (4-5 hours)58,00 EUR/person

Why Are We Different and Better?

Trnulja Estate represents the way we live, reflects our coexistence with nature which we respect very much. It is a reflection of our life philosophy, that we would be delighted to share with you.


Trnulja restaurant is open from Friday to Sunday. For more information visit www.trnulja.si or call us at  +386 41 610 522!




N 46° 00′ 00″, E 14° 28′ 41″

The 46.00 parallel runs directly through the estate

Črna vas 265
1000 Ljubljana

m +386 41 610 522 (booking)
m +386 41 622 062 (products)
t +386 1 4271 903
e info@trnulja.com


for groups by prior arrangement.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY: 12.00-20.00
SUNDAY: 12.00 – 18.00
(ecological lunches – booking obligatory, sales of our own products)

Dear guests!
Restaurant Trnulja is closed for holidays from 3.2. until 5.3.2020.
You are welcome to visit us again on Friday, March 6th 2020, welcome!
For groups 20 persons or more, please book in advance, call + 386 41 610 522!


14. June, 2021, 23:34
wind speed: 1 m/s N
sunrise: 5:15
sunset: 21:37